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Hello to the wiki of Marioslostgirls. A group on (link here: The deviantart group was created by kcjedi89 (deviantart name) sometime in January. Marioslostgirls was for the princess FCs of the mario world. Curently their are over 100 members of the group.


  1. You only edit the pages YOU created!
  2. You MUST make a page for the kingdom your princess rules.
  3. There's TWO catagories; Princesses and Kingdoms. The Princesses catagory are for the princesses and the Kingdoms catagory are for the kingdoms. That's IT! You may NOT create more catagories to fit your princess OR the main page. You will be warned if you do that. So make part of your life here easier and don't.
  4. In the first paragraph you MUST write who the princess is copywrited to.
  5. NO TROLLING, FLAMING, OR BEING RUDE IS TOLERATED AT ALL. Everyone has a right to express their artwork and ideas, and haters have no place here.
  6. You MUST be a deviantART member and a member to have a page in this wiki
  7. You may have up to 10 pages in this wiki, but you must be DEDICATED TO THEM ALL!!!!
  8. The only people who can edit the main page is Tbeeding07 (kcjedi89) and XlittlecrazyVieX (Daisyfan2). There's such a thing called an activities page and we (well I for as far as I know. XD) check it often.
  9. Don't overflow us with questions. We got lives of our own.
  10. If you have ANY questions email me, XlittlecrazyVieX, at
  11. HAVE FUNZIES!!!!!

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Princesses Category

Kingdoms Category


Thank you. ^^ XlittlecrazyVieX

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